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Psychic Agents

Viewed: 983
Country: Japan
Year: 2018
Name origin: Masuyama Chonoryokushi Jimusho: Bakijohan wa Koi no Aji
Directors: Shinji Kuma

Keitaro Masuyama (Naoki Tanaka) runs Masuyama Psychic Office. Along with his team possessing special powers, they investigate small problems in the area. One day, class 2 psychic Atsushi Takahara (Kodai Asaka) is handing out flyers and meets Aoba (Azusa Mine). He falls in love with her, not knowing she also has special powers and a dark past. Meanwhile, Keitaro Masuyama investigates a kidnapping case that even has the police involved. Soon, Aoba becomes the suspect for the murder of her sister's husband and the murder is somehow tied to the kidnapping case.